Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Product Review of The No Static Black Buffalo Horn Comb with Sandalwood Handle

The No Static Black Buffalo Horn Comb with Sandalwood Handle

I just recently tried this product, I got this comb free in exchange for my honest opinion!

About the Product

  • High quality natural Black Buffalo horn which is good for health.
  • Will Not Snag Hair Like Plastic Comb & No Static. 
  • Contain natural protein, and as such can stop headaches, baldness and loss of hair. 
  • It is helpful to reduce tension and help relaxation.
  • Extra smooth and comfortable.

Product Description

Handmade horn comb is a famous traditional craft in southern China, The manufacturing process has 700 years of history that can trace back to the Song Dynasty.

  • As a natural material, this tends to glide through the hair much easier and without the static that plastic varieties often produce.
  • The teeth are smoother, blunter that gently stimulates the scalp instead scratch it.
  • It has a good look and very comfortable feeling when holding it.

So, what are my thoughts on this comb…..

This comb is really unique, it's sturdy, and very strong with a quality smooth finish. The packaging that it comes in is really nice. My hair is naturally curly and this comb glides right through it without me fearing that the teeth or handle will break. I’m not sure about it curing headaches, I haven’t had a headache to really give it a try. I am pleased with the quality of this product, definitely much better than the plastic combs. The price is very reasonable for this product. I would definitely recommend it. The item arrived on time as estimated, undamaged, and description above was just as seller stated.

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